Monday, November 6, 2017

Book Review: Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Own King. Poor Owen is constantly being introduced as Stephen King's son. I can't say how good an author he is on his own, as I've only read this by him and he wrote it with his dad.

I can see the Stephen King in this book, but there are definite qualities that stand out. I would have guessed Joe Hill wrote this, Joe is also Stephen King's son. 

There is magic and an epic story in this. It was the most immersed in a story I have felt in a long time. The major magic going on is what stands out. There are supernatural things in Stephen King's stories, but he keeps them on the down low, less important than what the people do with reality. 

We have this lady who shows up out of no where and then women come down with this sleeping sickness they call aurora, after sleeping beauty. They are covered in this "cocoon" and heaven help the man who tries to remove it. Luckily word gets out, but what happens in a world filled only with men who are scared and angry? 

The women wake up in this other world and there are no men. They must ensure their own survival. Many facing freedoms they have only dreamed of. Will they even want to return? I appreciated how they included all the uncomfortable ugliness that women face, even today, even in this progressive country. All the way from unimaginable abuse, to the the normal everyday dismissal. What a breath of fresh air to not have to deal with that for awhile. But many still miss their husbands and even more so their sons. 

So, the choice must be made, and it will be made by the women.