Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Book Review: There are Things I Know by Karen Golightly

**Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to read this one.**

This story follows an 8 year old autistic boy who is kidnapped. It is interesting to see how he comes to certain conclusions, as the kidnapper tells the boy that his mother died.

It is all from his perspective. And it's all in how he survives, plans out his moves and who he can trust. Asking for help where he knows it is safe to do so. It was amazing how he kept trying, even through failure after failure.

It was a short book, and went by very fast, but I truly enjoyed every minute!

Book Review: All We Ever Wanted by Emily Griffin

**Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to review this title.**

This is another one of those books that jumps between characters. We have Nina, a rich housewife who is becoming increasingly unhappy with her life. Tom, a single dad who works as a carpenter. And Lyla, she is Tom's daughter and goes to a ritzy private school on an academic scholarship.

It's just an amazing journey of discovery and truth. The fact that so much of this has to do with the line between sexual assault and harassment that is such a part of our current culture made it really speak to me.

I think so many of us women have dealt with this in one way or another, and will relate to the characters in this story. And it may be a trigger to some, so be warned. I found parts of it difficult for myself to get through. It made me feel so very sad for far too much of it. I think the incredibly unhappy marriage didn't help.

That being said, I still found it an engaging and important read. I don't regret it and it truly is a well written book. One of Emily's better ones.