Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review: At the Water's Edge

By: Sara Gruen

I was intrigued when I saw this is the same author of Water for Elephants. I just loved that book!

At first I wasn’t sure this story would hook me. It takes place during the early days of World War II. This is Maddie’s story. She is married to Ellis, who is best friends with Hank. Maddie thinks she is happy with all the drinking and parties. She sees nothing wrong with sleeping in separate rooms and the awkward physical side of things.

Then she finds something in Ellis’ room. Is he really in love with someone else? On top of the fact that she is concerned with how many of her pills he is taking, and the booze he is consuming on top of that. But most especially how rude he is to everyone - even her. Maddie finally gets fed up!

But she is stuck in Scotland during a war. She begs her father to help her get home, but she broke all sorts of rules getting there in the first place. There is no way home.

She has made friends with the hotel staff, she is possibly falling in love herself. And finally trying to think of what she wants out of life.

I couldn’t put this down once I got going. Oh the best part - Ellis and Hank were there to find evidence of the Loch Ness Monster!!! They really thought they’d find it.

It was similar to Water for Elephants in that it was dark, sweet, and mysterious. I felt terrible for Maddie...well for everyone, except Ellis...he was a complete a**!

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