Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Reviewing Children's Fiction

This is a Taco! 
written by: Andrew Cangelose
drawn by:Josh Shipley 

**Thank you NetGalley for this copy.**

This was a tickle! My son, Ivan, said yeah and he read it. His only complaint was that the digital edition was lagging. That has nothing to do with the book, but my tablet.

It's a funny story built around a few squirrel facts. The  squirrels name is Taco because he loves Tacos. When the author talks about hawks, Taco steps in and takes control of his story. This is a little one picture book, and your kids will just love it!

Brina and the Gang of the Feline Sun
by Giorgio Salati & Christian Cornia

**Thank you NetGalley for this copy.**This is a pretty easy to read graphic novel. Again, Ivan was game to try this one as he is an avid cat person.

This family goes on vacation and when their cat starts throwing a tizzy about being inside, they let it out. That annoyed me, because who is the human here??? They were worried about her escaping, and guess what happens?

Brina got a taste of freedom and she went with it. But it is up to her to figure out who her real friends are.

There is one crazy moment where the leader talks about how he came to be injured. He was taken from his boy and put in a bag and thrown in the river. It really made Ivan angry, he told me he will NEVER forgive that man. So, that was a little rough for him to read through. The thing is, that stuff happens. So, not that wasn't a happy moment, and there's another crazy moment, so don't go with real young kids on this one.

But other than that. You know what? Honestly, those humans drove me nuts, I didn't like the one cat, but I still read it all the way through and enjoyed myself. So, it is a good enough story.