Thursday, January 23, 2014

Book Review: He Did You a Favor

He Did You a Favor: A Smart Girl's Guide to Breaking Up, Waking Up, and Discovering the Gift of YOU
by: Debra Rogers

I usually hate self-help books. Full of platitudes and BS. This book is entertaining and I can see where it actually would be useful. So way to go, Debra!

You may be asking yourself why I'm reading a book about breaking up. Well worry not, my marriage is as strong as ever. I honestly didn't read very closely and thought it was a romantic comedy type book. Imagine my surprise! I really did expect to hate it, but figured I made a promise to my peeps at BooksSparks.

I didn't hate it. Yes, it is full of stuff that you as a rational human being should know. But this book isn't written for the rational. It's written for women who are suffering through a painful break-up. Debra is taking these women gently by the hand and leading them through their grief. Even writing out to block them from your social networking circles and not cyber stalking them - like no logging into their e-mail or bank accounts. I was shocked to read that part, like "stalker much?" After thinking about it, I realized that if Chris just up and dumped me right now, I'd need someone to tell me that.

So if you know anyone who is in that place, this book along with your unwavering friendship are just what she needs.

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