Friday, October 9, 2009

I love Yard Sales

Today I went yard saling in Midland.  I was looking for a little tykes kitchen and not only was it still there, I talked the guy into taking $5 off.  He said he wife didn't want him to...but he'd do it anyway.  And then he even helped me get it in my van.  I also got a Schwinn scooter, My 1st Roller Skates, roller blades, walkie-talkies, legos, duplos, and a ton of books.

Now today is another day in Mrs. B's 31 days of Halloween.  I'm pretty bummed about missing out on those earbobs...but I will try again today.  With this new blog, I hope I win the blog makeover button!  But if not, I may have to buy one.

First up today is this cute mini-hat with the skull hand and black ribbon created by Brat Botique.  It attaches with a comb to your hair.  I think it would be great on Halloween night when I take my boys trick-or-treating.

Next up is a blog button with grab code...Oh it just hit me what that is.  You see those buttons and then there's that HTML code below it so you can post it on your own page.  How awesome is that???  This is from Blog Makeovers by Tara!

Next are these 4 skeleton post-cards by Natasha Blue.  I really like her work.  Kind of dark, but not scary.  The prints are called "Frida, Flower in Red, Skeletons in Love, and Mary."


And the final prize for today is this Celestial Goddess Oil Flask filled with hand-crafted Frankensince oil.  It's on a hand spun cotton cord.  Lots of magic here created by Walk in the Woods!

I would also like to congratulate Mrs. B on her first day of publishing for for her at Newark Domestic Witchery Examiner.  Go check her out! Registered & Protected

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