Saturday, February 13, 2010

Imagination Prompt Generator

Imagination Prompt Generator: "God is..."

"God is good,
God is great,
Let us thank Him for our food,

The first prayer I memorized, taught to me by my non-church going mother. Not to say that I didn't attend church. I went faithfully to my First Baptist church every Sunday, even when we moved I found the First Baptist Church and started again. Enter peer pressure, I changed to a Methodist church which felt like virtually the same thing, only they had more fun music acts move through. Enter teenage angst and I stopped church all together.

As an adult, the pagan path speaks to me but so does church, this time Episcopalian. Our priest is such a Priestess, though that I feel at home with her. But this doesn't answer the initial question...God is...

To me God used to be an absent Father-figure far away in the sky. I could talk to him, but he never talked back to me. It worked, I had someone I could tell all my troubles to and my joys. And I never got punished or belittled. As I grew older God became more distant. Now I barely feel him at all. But when I am in the woods, witnessing the life going on around me, the miracle of my babies, then I feel God again. What is God, I have no idea and I think everyone discovers that for themselves.

So, what is God to you?

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