Friday, August 13, 2010

Author Review - Katherine Center

Today I am review not just a book but an author. Katherine Center has written 3 books:

She writes like a normal person, with a wicked sense of humor, about real women. Not the perfect sized, working a dream fashion job kind of woman. More like, overweight, unemployed, bad with men kind of women. Everyone is Beautiful is about a married mother of three. The Bright Side of Disaster is about a woman who has a really bad boyfriend and when she gets pregnant, he disappears and how she deals with that in her life. Especially since she didn't have a job before the baby was born. And in Get Lucky it's a story about sisters.

All three deal with different issues, but she has such a great flow in her writing that you just become a part of that world. She only has the three books so far, but I will be checking out her stuff as it comes out. So, looking for a quick and easy read go pick one of her books. They go fast, but are phenomenal.


  1. Cool. I'll put these on my list. Thanks for the info.

  2. Yay! Thank you for all these very kind words!! My 4th novel will be out in 2012!! (Finishing it up now...) Happy summer!!


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