Friday, September 24, 2010

Monday Nights on CBS

I have to admit, I'm a sitcom junkie. If it's funny, well written and entertaining, I go all in. My loyalty knows no bounds. When the inevitable baby is born to try and rescue a sinking show, I'm actually excited...even as I know it signals shark-jumping. So today, to show this side of me, I am reviewing the fall lignup on CBS monday nights.

At 8:00 pm Eastern, CBS begins the night with How I Met Your Mother. I LOVE this show. Barney is so well played, he even has a character blog found here. He is a womanizer, only after the :) Ted is on a seemingly never-ending search for his wife, which each show is him narrating this search to his children. Wonder if they are starting to get bored of the story after 3 seasons? lol I'm not, I love the characters and the directions they take, even if nothing original happens. I think Lily is my favorite character with her love for her husband (whose name escapes me) and her quirky honesty.

After this they move into Rules of Engagement. Honestly I think I watch this show only to see Patrick Warburton-who cracks me up in anything he is in. Ok, probably have a big crush on him too. Shhhh - don't tell my husband! It's nothing fabulous, but it makes me laugh and fills the time while I crochet or knit.

Next is a fading favorite, Two and a Half Men. This show has brought me to tears from making me laugh so hard, but alas I think they should have stopped 2 seasons ago. But as I said, my loyalty knows no bounds so I still tune in. Seeing charlie passed out on the steps after trying to mail his pants back to the inspector was funny, as was his promise to quit drinking - followed by his consuming an amazing amount of beer. The characters just don't change, Alan chasing relationships, the boy a big dunce, and Charlie the alcoholic. So, sorry, I really can't recomend this one if you don't already watch it.

And new this year is Mike and Molly. Honestly, not the best sitcom I have ever seen, but I thought it was funny and really cute in spots. Most funny, her sister coming down with an apple bong saying, "someone stole my water pipe, luckily I was a girl scout" and offering it to Mike's partner. Sadly the police do test for "fruit" and he refused. But the two do a great job with the awkward flirting, and make a cute couple. I also like that they aren't dragging it out 3 seasons...they are hooking up now.

So, there's my Monday night. I also recomend ABC on Wednesdays. Thank god for HULU helping me keep up. And finally, Shit my Dad!!! Just pass it by, don't get dragged in even a little bit. Just needed to be said! What is your favorite sitcom, past or present that you just can't get enough of?


  1. Nice, I hardly watch any new shows so I needed this. Thanks. :)---Suzanne

  2. I have never seen any of these shows but I've heard a lot about them. maybe I'll check one or more of them out sometime and let you know what I think :-) thanks

  3. sounds like some great shows.. I havent watched Charlie ands Alan for long time..will have to see what they are still up t :)


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