Monday, October 18, 2010

Creative Writing Mondays

I did a google search on writing prompts and found "Using Pictures as Writing Prompt". Enjoy below...or not. I really don't claim to be a great author. lol

As John worked to change the flat tire, Teresa waited quietly. John was worried about her, she hadn't said a word since her mother's funeral. John missed his wife, and didn't know how to deal with his own saddness, let alone his daughters. Teresa was very bright, but as she grew older his wife was the one who connected with her more. He was always busy with work and wasn't sure how to handle a growing girl.

Now his wife was gone and they only had each other. John had never felt more desserted, not even when his own parents died when he was a teenager. Now he had to figure out how to fix himself and his daughter.

In a move out of pure desperation, John was moving them across the country. As far away from the home they had all shared as a family. He couldn't be in any room without being flooded with memories of his late wife. And as his time off work ended he found he couldn't go anywhere in town without those memories hitting him. So, off they are going to find a new place to make new memories.

But still Teresa sat in silence and John was at a loss of what to do with her, or with his own life. He stood up from the job at hand and sighed while running his hand through his hair. Frustration was all he was feeling at the moment. He couldn't even figure out where they were going to sleep for the night.

(to be continued...maybe...)

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