Friday, October 1, 2010

Tribal Horse Jewelry Designs

My friend Lisa Brawner loves to design her own jewelry. I have a growing collection, the personality and prices of the jewelry make it possitble for me to finally put together a jewelry collection. See here, Ivan and I are sporting my new additions, including the beautiful bracelet that I won on her blog. I'm wearing a bracelet too, and it's my new favorite piece.

I also have to mention that I love her earrings. I don't think I've actually purchased a pair, usually I buy when she has a sale (get earrings with every order) and that has me stockpiled. I have very, VERY, sensitive ears and the plastic hooks she uses seem to be working fine for my ears. That makes me very, VERY happy as I usually only wear gold earrings...which means I only have 1 pair that I wear infrequently. Now I can accessorize! :D

So go see her blog here -
And you can visit her Etsy store here - shaddow of the goddess


  1. YA look great in the earrings . I love the plastic coated wires too.I had same problem also. I actually change out the wires in all the one i had that I had bought over the years

  2. I will have to work on building your collection :)


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