Thursday, November 4, 2010

Classic Videos-ok not really...

I was a hair-band fan in high school. My friends and I collected the magazines they were featured in, stayed up to watch Headbangers Ball, and covered our walls in pictures (from the magazines). Here are a couple of my favorite videos, but not necessarily my favorite bands.
Scared by Dangerous Toys

Don't Close Your Eyes by Kix

Round and Round by Ratt

And my favorite - Bang! by Gorky Park

What do you miss from the days of MTV?


  1. I am "telling " my age here.never have watched MTV.,, :)

  2. I miss the 80's thrill at watching the thennewest Madonna, Michale Jackson, Scorpions, Rod Stewart and etc's videoclipes!

  3. I miss when MTV just showed videos. I still remember when the Thriller video aired for the first time.. it was ground-breaking!
    I loved those videos.. I miss the Police (I was going to marry Sting, btw.. lol)
    Billy Idol, Stray Cats, etc... ah the early 80's.. how I loved them! lol

  4. I totally miss "PopUp Video", which might have actually been on VH1 rather than Mtv. But in general, I miss the days when Reality TV jsut didn't exist, and Mtv was MUSIC television in general. :)
    That and Liquid Television rocked...

  5. Pop up video was VH1, but that was a great show! Videos with added entertainment.

    Kallan - you could still marry Sing. :) I was going to marry Phil Collen


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