Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Teen Stuff

Once upon a time when I was a teenager I once spent a day with my best friend L and her dad.  First we went to see his friends.  The couple had a basement rec room with bar tables and stools and real working slot machines.  He gave us each $5 or $10 (I can't remember) but said if we won we could keep it.  If I remember correctly I quit while I was even.  I don't like losing money.  lol

So after that he sent us to the best, fanciest chinese restaurant in town and said order what we want and have them charge it to his account.  And yes you are getting this right, he didn't go with us.  That was the day with her dad.  I was dazzled as a teenager.

As an adult, I think he sucks.  I mean he really sucks.  That was the extent of a day with his daughter - who he did not have custody of.  In our senior year when her mom moved to California, she moved in with her aunt.  I knew he really sucked then because who doesn't take in their kid???  She had to stay in a spare room at her aunts house, and she really grew up fast. 

I am glad I know now what I know - but I wish I could have been more knowledgeable then, to have been a better friend.

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