Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CSN Review

I was contacted by to post some links and then review products of my choice. I chose 3 items.
Melissa and Doug Figure 8 Train Set
Lite Source Sharp Heavy Weight Floor Stand

and Alden Lap Desk

First let me say that even though CSN has many different stores, it's fairly painless to get all your items into one cart. Just find what you want and then find it at the main site then add to your cart. The items I ordered are all in different stores, Games & Toys, Lighting and But I found them on the main site and added them to the cart there. Each item having it's own number makes it fool-proof.

My order went thru easily enough and I'm very happy with the amount of communication. They send you your order, then announce as each item is shipped from the warehouse, along with tracking information. Everything came fairly fast as well, and made it by the assumed dates listed at time of order.

Now for the items. :)
Melissa and Doug Figure 8 Train Set
For Christmas Ivan recieved a thomas train set from Auntie Deb & Uncle Tim, but it was wood. However, Ivan LOVED it - it was the favorite Christmas gift. I immediately regretted everything I had bought him. So when I saw this and from reviews heard it would work with the Thomas sets I hopped on it. Less than $20...when a similar Thomas set would probably go for $80 or more. It does fit...not perfectly but close enough to work. I also like that the rounded pieces can work both ways so there's no end to how to fit the pieces together. I'm very, very happy with this and the price...$19.85.

Winsome Alden Lap Desk
I have been dreaming about this desk for months. Priced right at $40.00 I snagged this as a review item as well. I dreamed of taking my laptop into bed with me and being able to use my mouse and comfortably watch a movie or play games.

It's worked well for that. Plus the boys fell in love with it and have eaten a meal or 2 there. But once I moved it to my room, the dowels on the legs pulled out and it was pretty wobbly. However, this is easily fixed with some wood glue. I'm still really happy with this item. It's a fair price and it's really useful - there's even a little drawer and part of the top props up.

Lite Source Sharp Heavy Weight Floor Stand in Polished Steel
This is the item they show:
This is the item you get:
I was very disappointed. Partly this is my fault, it does say floor stand. Partly it is theirs for a misleading picture. Really any company knows you show what the person will be recieving, not what they can make. I also think they should have made it obvious with featured links to lamps that would fit this stand.

My disappointment aside, my husband assures me this was a great price at $53.10, and it really is solid. Now I just need to get a lamp that fits it. The polished steel is attractive and truly it's a heavy solid piece with wheels that make it easily moved.

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