Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Shall I begin as David Copperfield, I was born then I grew up? Or do you as reader want to delve into the mind? Though I must warn you I feel a bit like the character from A Beautiful Mind at the moment. Not Russel Crowe, but John Nash himself. So many thoughts racing through my mind, it's hard to keep up at times. Multi-taskers, I'm sure you can relate. So come with me on this journey.

Throughout my life I've had many titles and learned many skills. I'm a certified personal trainer; licensed private security guard; trained mixologist; and self-taught graphic designer and video editor. Writing has always been my passion, more specifically writing novels. My love of writing started at a young age, eight to be exact. Though never more than random short stories and the like until I happened upon a Dean Koontz novel INTENSITY in my high school library. Anyone who knows me can tell you how much I love Dean Koontz. My desire at that point became the pursuit of writing to invoke the same emotions in readers Mr. Koontz drew from me. (On a side note I was able to impart this to him recently at a convention. What a thrill! One more item checked off from the bucket list.)

Fast forward to today, I've written – a lot. Been published – some. But I've continued to hold a passion and talent for the written word my entire life. Y'know that feeling when you really feel as though you're good at something? For me it's writing.

I started by self-publishing back when self-publishing was frowned upon. What it brought me was feedback to reinforce my own belief in my talent and beat back the demons who routinely sneak in to tell you you're not good enough.

THE CRESCENT told the tale of two women, one a slave the other a queen, who both find themselves as fighters inside the gladiator arena. People enjoyed the adventure so much that it spawned a screenplay (still in the works) and more importantly gave me the confidence to continue pursuing my passion.

Not that you ever need a reason to go after your dreams. Always shoot for the moon, if you miss it then reach out and grab a star. But positive reinforcement keeps us going when everything around us says to quit. Some of my best work has come in the past few years, and that was after a long hiatus away from the business.

Sometimes you need to step back and gain perspective. Because I never quit I was able to pen DEMON HUNTER. My dark fantasy series that tells the tale of a man who comes to learn he is fated to follow in his fathers footsteps as a hunter of demons....whether he wants to or not.

I have to say it is rare as a writer to have your original idea come off exactly as you envisioned it in your mind. DEMON HUNTER was a labor of love and in spite of, or because of, the fact that it took me over a year to finish I managed to capture magic on the page.

Reader feedback was nothing but favorable. I don't mind telling you they compared me to Robert E. Howard's CONAN series (which I grew up reading);THE ODYSSEY; and GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. I believe I can die happy now! Those are such great compliments but the best part is having readers describe back to you the emotions they felt reading it and knowing that I was going for that exact emotion when writing it. That means I've done my job. That means I fulfilled the wish I had back when I pulled Dean Koontz novel off the shelf.

I write for readers, for entertainment, and for fun. If it loses its fun then there's no longer a point, is there? As the song says: “It's not about the money.”

Writing my new thriller LIFE, DEATH, and BACK was most certainly fun. Having a character who comes back from the dead gave me great creative freedom. There are really no rules when writing such a piece.

Like all my novels LIFE, DEATH, and BACK took on a life of its own. The characters are some that will be endearing to me even after several years. Character building is always an extension of myself in one form or another. The ideas for the worlds they will travel in come to me at random. I'm not the owner of my talent, that was bestowed upon me by a higher power. I am just the manager of it.

I've been doing this for a very long time now and I will continue to do it until I can no longer think straight. So that's my story, so far. If I didn't lose you in the abyss of it all I invite you to check out more on my website on my own blog: or follow me on Facebook:


  1. Thank you so much Cynthia for taking the time to share yourself with my readers and me. :)

    I'm also so jealous you got to meet Dean Koontz! :P

  2. Thanks for having me join you, Angie. And yeah, meeting Dean Koontz was a thrill of a lifetime!

  3. Great post! Sorry, I'm behind today!!

  4. I admire a writer who writes for herself, and when the same writer lets her characters play, then I want to read their tales. I'm flying to your website to browse around the goodness!

  5. Wonderful post! I am heading over to her blog to learn more. Thank you so much Angie.


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