Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review - To Kill A Warlock

An Urban Fantasy Novel
By H.P. Mallory - $8.99 Kindle - $0.99
Barnes & Noble - $8.90
Barnes & Noble Nook - $0.99

The murder of a dark arts warlock.
A shape-shifting, ravenous creature on the loose.
A devilishly handsome stranger sent to investigate.
Sometimes working law enforcement for the Netherworld is a real bitch.

Dulcie O’Neil is a fairy. And not the type to frolic in gardens. She’s a Regulator—a law-enforcement agent who monitors the creatures of the Netherworld to keep them from wreaking havoc in the mortal world.

When a warlock is murdered and Dulcie was the last person to see him alive, she must uncover the truth before she’s either deported back to the Netherworld, or she becomes the next victim.

Enter Knight Vander, a sinfully attractive investigator sent from the Netherworld to work the case with Dulcie.

Between battling her attraction to her self-appointed partner, keeping a sadomasochistic demon in check, and fending off the advances of a sexy and powerful vampire, Dulcie’s got her hands full.

As the body count increases, Dulcie finds herself battling dark magic, reconnoitering in S&M clubs and suffering the greatest of all betrayals.

I had more fun with this book than I ever imagined. It was written with the popularity of Vampire Diaries and other such paranormals but this one is for grown ups!

Dulcie is a fairy that dreams of being a writer. She does write a historical romance, and is then told by the publishing community that they want paranormal romances. As if she doesn't deal with the paranormal enough in her career as a regulator (law enforcement).

She has lovable friends, especially Sam the witch...a very talented witch. The characters throughout the novel are quirky and sometimes lovable. Bram the vampire bar owner grates on Dulcie's nerves, but I found it amusing as hell.

Then Knight comes into the picture, crazy sexy and his presence is top secret. Dulcie is drafted to help him...also secretly...solve a crime and find out who sent for a deadly creature from the Netherworld.

The chemistry between them is HOT, I can't wait to read more in this series.


  1. This books sounds like a lot of fun ;o) Have a wonderful day Angie ;o)

  2. Hot damn stop writing this wonderful reviews! Don't you see I have finals soon?! This book sounds like a blast. The idea of a fairy writing a romance novel has me grinning already.


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