Friday, September 2, 2011

Backlash - a novelette

by: Nancy Fulda

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Eugene Gutierez lost his wife, his pride, and part of his sanity during an undercover anti-terrorist operation in South America. Now, he's about to be recruited by operatives from the future; and they're not going to let him say no. Originally published in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, this novelette was listed in Tangent Online's 2010 recommended reading list. About 11,000 words.

This is a super fast sci-fi thriller, containing only 31 pages. I read it in a few would take less without kids. lol

Eugene gets pulled into a black op from the future, forcing him to be a very quick study - he wasn't even supposed to be aware but the constant flashbacks he suffers from prevents the science from working properly.

Add to this finding out his daughter is part of a terrorist group, his world is thrown upside down in a matter of minutes. And he must recover from all this and do the job he volunteered for...well his future self volunteered.

As I said, very fast read. Great descriptions. I got lost in the tech-heavy description of the time-travel, very physics based. But even though I couldn't understand that part, it doesn't really take away from the story. She does try to explain it deeper, but it was still Greek to me.

If you like action packed sci-fi, you'll love this short story. I enjoyed the story, but I think it was too short and too scientific for my tastes. Alas, I can only give this 3 stars. And yes, I would chance other works by this author. She is a very good writer.


  1. I'm picking this one up. It sounds like a good train read ;-)

  2. i use to read alot of sci-fi and then i got hooked on the paranormal romances ....


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