Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Galaxy Girls

by Edie Ramer

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Genetically created to be broodmares, Phyrne Galaxy and her mother, aunt and cousin don't need men, they need freedom. They escaped from the warring planet of Kergeron to Earth, where Phyrne’s aunt's vision of winning money in a New Jersey casino comes true. Too bad her aunt's precog didn't show the hoods waiting outside with guns. But Phyrne has her own weapon, more powerful than bullets. She's ovulating.

Phyrne turns up the heat, taking out more than the crooks in her wave of sexual torture. FBI Special Agent Hawk Higgens, running to protect the women, is brought to his knees, too. Caught in her procreative spell, Phyrne ravishes Hawk.

Being seduced by an alien and left half naked and unconscious in the back of a surveillance van changes Hawk's life. He joins the Foundation, a privately funded agency that hunts aliens. Six years later, the reason for his career change pops back on the radar in a tea shop in Kentucky. The woman whose face still haunts his dreams has an addition to her family – a five-year-four-month-old daughter.

At the same time, two Kergeron warriors are sent to Earth to bring the women back to their home planet. With an ex-FBI agent and two alien warriors on her trail, Phyrne's calm life running the Tea & Comfort shop is about to get shaken, stirred and screwed.

This book was sweet! It pulled me right in, another paranormal novel but leaning closer to sci-fi than actual witches. The Galaxy girls are really 2 sisters and their daughters. The story mainly revolves around one of the daughters. She is ovulating with a vengeance when they get to earth. Turns out it's a better weapon than a gun.

Phyrne uses her pheromones to allure and distract the guys with guns, she then turns it onto an FBI agent who comes on the scene and it gets away from her. They must copulate...SHE must copulate with him. And as she was bred to do, she gets pregnant. 6 years later in the story she has a gorgeous little girl and Hawk has spent the entire time looking for Phyrne, not even considering there might be a child involved.

When he finds her, she needs his help to save her family from the FBI and Kergeron males who have come to take them back home. Hawk thought he wanted revenge, but really he wanted more Phyrne and now that he knows he has a daughter he must decide what to do with his life.

I really enjoyed this book, it was sexy and fast paced, even though at first I thought it was long with 350 pages. I read this in a couple of nights, and enjoyed it all. The story doesn't ever slow down for a minute, not once in all those pages. And let me say I can enjoy a long story, The Stand by Stephen King is my favorite book of all and it's wordier than the Bible. But sometimes with all the independent e-books coming my way, anything over 250 has good odds to get a little slow in spots.

Very pleased with this novel, and I have to add Edie Ramer to my growing list of fabulous authors that are writing stories better than you find on the New York Best Seller List. I really should start a list and call them the "Hidden Gems" - don't steal that, that's mine! (lol)


  1. Angela, thank yo so much for the awesome review! I'll be quoting from it. :)

  2. Being seduced by an alien?? Hmmmmmmmmm,,,very interesting ;o)

  3. You know how much I loved this one; read it in a day or so. Edie has such a great voice, and her characters are unique. Love her writing!


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