Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sniffles for Bear

Story by: Bonny Becker
Illustrated by: Kady MacDonald Denton

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Bear has a terrible cold. In fact, Bear is quite sure that no one has ever been as sick as he is. So when Mouse comes tap, tap, tapping on his front door eager to make Bear "as good as new" by reading a sunny story, singing a rousing chorus, and plinking a twangy tune on his banjo, the pitifully coughing Bear—growing weaker by the minute—is convinced that his tiny friend does not appreciate the gravity of the situation. Can there be any saving Bear from his certain demise? Welcome the world’ s most lovable curmudgeon and his endearing, unstoppable sidekick in a wry new comedy sure to have even red-eyed, sniffly nosed readers rolling with laughter.

I was so excited when I received this book in the mail. The Andersons bought A Visitor for Bear when CW had his tonsils taken out and it is one of our favorite books now. We checked out A Sleepover for Bear from the library and enjoyed that too. I saw this (due out September 13) I hunted down the publisher.

The Bear books are great at demonstrating how to be a good friend. They show that it takes hard work and determination. It also shows that it's not always perfect. Bear can be downright cranky at times, but Mouse doesn't waver.

In this story Bear is sick and convinced he is dying. Well we've all been there. It does get silly when he asks mouse to help him to bed (up stairs! lol) and then has Mouse take down his will. Mouse doesn't leave Bear's side, except to make him some soup. He does everything Bear asks and does his best to cheer him up.

I love the writing, it's a very comfortable flow that never feels awkward being read out loud. The pictures are muted in color and just so pretty. It's the other reason I like the books so much. The pictures have a calming sensation, the kids enjoy looking through them on their own. When I read this book for the first time, the kids looked like they were watching TV. lol

So yes, if you have young children you need to add this to the library.


  1. I don't have any young children, but this book sounds adorable!!!

  2. Good point, I don't think you have to have kids to read a picture book. I'm sure I'll be keeping the Bear and Mouse books when the boys are too old. :D

  3. I really wish I would have kept all the "Biscuit" books my son read when he was younger. I bet your boys would love those!

  4. Oh yeah, Biscuit is well loved in our house too. :D


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