Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Memories Wednesday

MyMemories has started a freebies offer for Share the Memories Affiliates. Every week I will be posting a new freebie link for all my readers.

And while I do enjoy the software - and find it easy to navigate - you don't HAVE to purchase the software to use the kits. They have them in 3 different formats for download, I know a lot of people who use PhotoShop. Personally I have been using the software and find it super easy to use, but I'm sure in a pinch I could make my Photo Explosion do the trick.

Anyway here's the link for today's freebie -

What I did above was use one of the quick pages as an embellishment, added my picture and some text - viola! It only took me 5 minutes. Maybe 10, but half that was spent looking for the right picture. I love going through all my digital photos and getting inspired. If I actually had money, I'd be unstopable. lol

If you want to purchase the software I have a coupon code here for $10 off and it also gives you another $10 to buy kits. Follow the freebie link above, and it'll have links for software. The code is: STMMMS94433 (and for the record they pay me $20 for every software purchased using this code, but I am plugging it because I really am having fun with it).

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