Thursday, November 10, 2011

Past, Future, & Present Danger (Book Two of The Absurd Misadventures of Captain Rescue)

by: Joshua Price

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When Captain Rescue discovers that tyrannical apes are capturing forest-goers, he jumps into action in a valiant attempt to stop them, more or less.

As the hilarious adventure goes everything but according to plan, the hero finds himself transported into the future, where the apes have gone a bit beyond mere abductions. The shock sets in, and Captain Rescue and his time-displaced friends conclude that the only way to prevent a future that has already happened is to go back in time and rewrite it.

Will Captain Rescue somehow be able to set things right, or will these apes make a monkey out of him?

"Past, Future, & Present Danger" is the hilarious continuation of Captain Rescue’s absurd misadventures, and the sequel to “Not Everything Brainless is Dead”.

The cover art is very comic book campy, and that fits. This isn't a comic book, but it's super hero silly all the way. There are a lot of bigfoots in the story, thus the "dirty ape" on the cover. I wonder if this is George, one of the bad bigfoot leaders.

This is the 2nd novel with this close gang of heroes. There's Dr. Malevolence, the inept super-villain. Freight who has married Courtney since the last book (Courtney is his shotgun) and they have a cleaning rag as a son. Charlie, guy in a big, blue and magical bunny costume. And Captain Rescue, the even more inept super-hero.

They are brought together again by the nagging of Captain Rescue who has decided since the great Zombie adventure that they are all the best of friends. He plans a camping weekend. They run into the bigfoots and the adventure takes off from there. Watch out for those dolphins!

As I said for the first book, it's pure silliness that tickles my funny bone to the core. The humor is outlandish, not even a little subtle.

If you like the Batman, Spiderman, even Superman stories and have a wicked sense of humor you will have fun with these books by Joshua Price.

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  1. I haven't read one yet, and I don't want the temptation at the moment (Term Papers and Stuff) but as soon as I'm done, I'm reading this silliness ;-)


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