Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sing You Home

by: Jodi Picoult

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Every life has a soundtrack. All you have to do is listen.

Music has set the tone for most of Zoe Baxter’s life. There’s the melody that reminds her of the summer she spent rubbing baby oil on her stomach in pursuit of the perfect tan. A dance beat that makes her think of using a fake ID to slip into a nightclub. A dirge that marked the years she spent trying to get pregnant.

For better or for worse, music is the language of memory. It is also the language of love.

In the aftermath of a series of personal tragedies, Zoe throws herself into her career as a music therapist. When an unexpected friendship slowly blossoms into love, she makes plans for a new life, but to her shock and inevitable rage, some people—even those she loves and trusts most—don’t want that to happen.

Sing You Home is about identity, love, marriage, and parenthood. It’s about people wanting to do the right thing for the greater good, even as they work to fulfill their own personal desires and dreams. And it’s about what happens when the outside world brutally calls into question the very thing closest to our hearts: family.

(Includes a compact disc of original songs.)

Music by Ellen Wilber

Lyrics by Jodi Picoult

The cover shows Zoe walking alone. I think that's fitting because she is such a unique person. I've never even heard of Musical Therapist, but I think it's awesome! She works with patients who are old, young and in between. Dying or depressed or just in need of a pick-me-up. She works very hard for very little money, but as she said she didn't get into this for the money. She likes helping people, she likes seeing people respond to the music.

When the book starts, Zoe is blissfully pregnant. She is getting ready for the baby shower her mom planned, and after so many miscarriages and fertility treatments, she knows this is it. Her baby will be here in a few months. But at the shower tragedy strikes. After losing the baby, Max tells her not only does he not want to try again, he wants a divorce. I felt terrible that she was ditched during this heart wrenching time.

Max goes on to show what a selfish doofus he can be. He falls back into drinking and is living in his brothers basement. After nearly killing himself in a drunk driving accident, he finds Jesus at his brother's evangelical church. It's so annoying, because he replaces one for another.

Meanwhile Zoe meets Vanessa and they become the best of friends, even though Vanessa is gay and Zoe is not. Until she realizes that she really is in love with Vanessa. I love how this book takes the black and white out of our human sexuality. No Zoe wouldn't have called herself gay, and even is reluctant to after she gets with Vanessa. She is in love, end of story.

The battle comes in over the 3 embryos Max and Zoe have left, she wants to have them put in Vanessa and since his church thinks being gay is an abomination the church gets a zealous lawyer and turns it into the fight of the century.

You will laugh and cry, but this book really tackles some tough issues that make many people feel uncomfortable. I think Jodi did a brilliant job with this well written tale of love and family.

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  1. Thank you for this review. I had seen this book but wasn't really interested in reading it after reading the back cover. However, your review had caused me to add this to my every growing list of books I want to read!


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