Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Taking 1960

by: Rosa Sophia

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An envelope addressed to Katherine Maslin stood out amongst the pile of bills. It is her notice from an attorney… the rights to her grandparents’ farmhouse and adjacent property.

She believes that a change will rid her of the strange dreams she’s been having, wherein an oddly familiar woman visits her, begging for her help. But when Kat realizes that the woman in her dream is her dead grandmother, she begins to have doubts about moving to the farm.

Rumors and nightmarish tales fill her mind, stories of the five men who lost their lives in the late 1950s to a heartless murderer. A man had been convicted, but was he the one the police had been looking for, or had he been framed?

Kat is thrown backwards through time on a journey to discover a terrible truth. The ghost of her grandmother is always one step ahead of her, leading the way. But will she find the killer before he finds her?

Cover was fairly freaky, I probably would have read this much sooner had I ever seen that cover. I don't remember there being a ghost kid, but trust me there was a lot going on to make this a thriller.

As the synopsis stated, Kat inherited her grandparents' farmhouse. Seems like a dream come true, Kat is an artist and was eager to live in a farmhouse. So Kat and her fiance pack up their meager belongings and make the move. The thing about this I found distracting about this was where they were getting their money. It was very unclear until the book was nearly over that either of them had been to college. It sounded like the went wandering after high school and settled down together. But even so, where did they have the savings to draw from? They were both very young and unemployed. So a few more details would have been great.

The next part I found that took away from the story was Kat's constant battling with her mother. Seriously every single conversation ended up with Kat yelling...and it was really unclear why in many cases. When she had been missing for so long, and her fiance told her to let her mother know she just refused to deal with her. Her mom wanted her to move closer, and it was blown up into how controlling her mother was. It was pure teenage perspective, the high school romance was too. But then I found out Rosa wrote this book when she was 17 and it really changed my perspective. Kat still bugs me, but I think Rosa is a fantastic author.

The writing and editing of this story are really well done. The things that bothered me were really the teenage perspective that Rosa wrote this story from. I think anyone can enjoy this story, but the younger 20s crowd will really get it.

If you'd like to win a copy for yourself head over to Pagan Writers Community to enter Rosa's New Year's giveaway of a paperback copy of Taking 1960.


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  2. I always seem to agree with your views on cover. My first thought was "The creepy girls from The Shining were murder by an even creepier and translucent little boy" lol


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