Friday, January 20, 2012

I Accept this Double Witchy Cat Dare!

Magaly of Pagan Culture tagged me for...well I don't know what it is. But I have to tell you some random stuff about me and answer a few questions. Then I'll pick a few to torture.

It's always hard to figure out what to impart about myself. I have to think up something interesting, and quite frankly I feel I'm a boring person. lol So let's do this!

11 random things:
  1. I love baking, I've really been going crazy lately. And when I'm bored, I find myself thinking about whipping up a cake to practice my decorating skills or cupcakes. I gotta find something to do with it, though because eating it isn't working for me.

  2. I gained back all the weight I lost...which leaves me feeling like a failure...which leads me to overeat more.

  3. Along the same line, I'm thinking I should join an Over-eaters Anonymous group, inspired by the TV show Mike & Molly.

  4. I miss going for long walks when the weather was nicer and we actually had the time to spare.

  5. My middle name is Rachelle (not Rachel, ra-shell), it was going to be my 1st name but apparently I have a cousin by that name. Yeah haven't seen her in YEARS so I'm sure that would have been confusing for everyone! lol

  6. I love Facebook and the social sites because it removes my body issues from my interactions. It also allows me to think about what I'm saying before I say it. (I'm not a quick thinker).

  7. I'm addicted to the Sims 3.

  8. I long to knit socks.

  9. I'm afraid of the dark - I don't believe in monsters under my bed, but I'm still convinced something is going to grab me.

  10. I'm horribly disorganized. I have poor time management skills, and I say "yes" way too often to the indie authors. lol

  11. I adore Mexican food. I had to move away from Alma so I'd stop eating at El Vaquero every other day.

  12. owning a fixer upper that we had to sell when I got pregnant hasn't soured me on the idea of doing it again. (has my husband though - lol)

  13. Where is your favorite place? Why? Alone at a coffee shop (usually Biggby) with a great book and good coffee. Why? Because it's quiet, and I'm alone.

  14. What was your worst date, and why? All right, I'll answer this one. I met this guy online, I met all my guys online. He drove up from Flint to meet me at Bennigan's. I instantly disliked him. He smoked (and smelled of it) and he was the most annoying man I've ever met. He was whimpy and tough all at the same quickly became obvious the tough was covering up for the whimpy. He was also just getting out of an abusive relationship. He didn't pay and he whined when I said it just wouldn't work out. Do I really need to explain why it was my worst date?

Now I'm supposed to choose who to pass this onto. Well I'm going to go the lazy route. ;) All of you go ahead and do this on your blog so I can come see.

Now the winner of My Place or Yours or We Interrupt This Date is...Mina from Green Witch with Sprinkles. Such a sweet lady. Everyone go congratulate her. *grin*


  1. Great post Angie!! My friend, I have dealt with weight issues and I totally understand! You have to start loving yourself!!! See what is missing in your life? Why are you grabbing for food? Stop making those cakes!! They got me hungry looking at them! LOL!
    Congrats to Mina!! She is not feeling well! I am happy she won ;o)

  2. How exciting! Thank you so much Angie. I am off to email you.

    Also, you are so good to keep up with these things. I have been tagged 3 times and need to get a post this weekend. Like you, I keep thinking, what on earth will I say about myself? I am pretty boring. However, you were not boring at all so maybe I won't be too bad. ;-)

  3. I'm totally sure of what this game it, either, so I feel better you are confused, too, lol.

    I overeat for no reason I can think of. I'm just lucky that my favorite eat-until-you-pop choices are fruit.

    That guy sounds like a stinky nightmare.


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