Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tales of Aradia: The Last Witch #1

by: L.A. Jones

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Unknown to the humans who hung innocent people at the Salem Witch Trials real witches of the hidden race were killed for fear of exposure or at least that's what all the vampires, werewolves, and other races thought.There was not one witch whom survived the genocide of the Salem Witch Trials. But one day a girl named Aradia moves to Salem, MA and all that changes

Can I just say that it's a good thing I'm not responsible for labeling books. What is this? Lots of things, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Mystery, and a little humor thrown into the mix.

Aradia has a wicked, off-beat sense of humor. In the book, she would occasionally deliver a zinger and everyone around her would just stand there. More than once she had to explain the joke, and more than once the joke fell flat. It was great! :)

The werewolves are strong and responsible. The vampires are an old and patient people. Lots of the Hidden race in the high-school. I don't get the vampires going to school. Seriously? Why not just say you are homeschooling? Of course the vampires are all beautiful people, and high school is far easier if you are a pretty person. God someone needs to write a book about a dorky, vampire reject. lol

Fast paced story, and is so well written that there are few who will be disappointed. Ok, you want to know how good this book was? My husband got home after being gone and I was disappointed he showed up because I was so close to being finished. lol

It's also very affordable, only 99¢ for the Kindle. Give it to your teen, read it for yourself.


  1. " dorky, vampire reject" There is a theme for a short story for Sexy, Dark & Bloody Fiction. Um... if only someone would write it *wink, wink*

  2. You got me laughing at dorky vampire reject! LOL! Well, if you like this book so much, I think I might be checking it out! Thanks so much ;o)


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