Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three Girls and a Leading Man

by: Rachel Schurig

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Annie Duncan has never put much stock in true love. Sure, she loves dating, but she gets more than her share of drama working as a struggling actress—she can live without the romantic kind, thank you very much.

Instead, Annie focuses her energy on her two best friends, Jen and Ginny. And now that she finally appears to be getting her big break, Annie couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. When she meets Nate during a weekend away in Vegas, she figures she'll just have an exhilarating fling—even if he is totally adorable and clearly into her. But when Annie finds herself falling for Nate, she's faced with a choice she never wanted to make.

In Three Girls and a Leading Man, Annie Duncan attempts to chase her dreams and keep her heart under control. Her heart, however, may have different ideas!

*fist pump* Yes! Yes! Yes! I was so happy to get this one. I received a really early version in order to beta read...but busy holidays and a rush by Rachel Schurig meant I missed it. But yesterday I figured I'll read it anyway and review it. Luckily my Nook allows me to read word documents...only I can't make any notes or changes and it doesn't remember where I'm at if I close it at anytime.

Regardless of my issues with Microsoft and Nook, I was hooked. Even though I was as sick as a dog I couldn't put it down. I literally read it all yesterday afternoon. I followed the boys as they played in their room and played in my room, I was buried in my Nook. (**update - I wrote this weeks ago! lol**)

The flow is perfect. You can really feel what is going on with Annie. And really she's a mess, and even though she refuses to get that, you pick it up from how she treats people around her and their reactions to her. I knew from the first 2 books (Three Girls and a Baby and Three Girls and a Wedding) that Annie has issues getting close to men. What struck her in this book was watching her friends deepening their relationships with their boyfriend and husband. Jen moves in with Matt, Gina talks about how she loves being married and it's a partnership. Annie just assumed Gina would resent having to take Josh into consideration when making decisions. No, it's good to be with another person and it means you have to give and take.

Well a free trip to Vegas and Annie meats Mr. Maybe. She clicks with him, he gets through her tough girl exterior. He's also unlike anyone she has ever dated before. He scared the crap out of her, that's how you know he was good for her. He took her so far out of her comfort zone. But will she drop the act and let him all the way in or will she run away?

You'll have to read, and really for $2.99 can you go wrong? I'd call this a romantic comedy, and she recently changed the covers - love them! I wonder what she's going to write now!

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