Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Con Your Kid

by: David Borgenicht and James Grace

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

The Book Your Children Don’t Want You to Read

How to Con Your Kid is the most useful (and sneakiest) parenting manual you’ll ever purchase. Within are hundreds of tips, techniques, and simple scams for getting your child to do exactly what you want—with your child none the wiser. For mealtime, bedtime, bathtime, and any other time of the day (or night), you’ll learn to:
  • Get your kid to eat by playing on his possessiveness.
  • Get your kid to bathe by “swimming” in the tub.
  • Get your kid to talk quietly by whispering back.
  • Get your kid to take medicine by pretending it’s superhero juice.
  • Get your kid to sit still by playing “I Spy.”
And dozens more tricks of the parenting trade!

I'm unsure how seriously to take this book. There really were some great tips in there, but there were some that will probably drive you and your child to therapy. Like telling a child with ratty hair that there are evil witches in there tangling it up...seriously not a good idea! Or the nose goblins, if it doesn't mess them up it will increase the amount of nose picking.

It is seriously a good read, entertaining and as I said, I did come away with a few tips I will try out. Like make getting ready a race. I did that yesterday when it was time to leave Grandma & Grandpa's house and it worked! I said "I bet I"ll get my shoes on before you get your boots on!" And they both raced downstairs and got their boots, raced back up and put them on while I worked (so very hard - lol) on getting my shoes on. And yes they both beat me. Then I raced CW with his coat and Chris raced Ivan. Fastest we ever got back on the road. I think this would make a unique shower gift, in a basket with some other little baby gifts.


  1. This sounds like a bit of fun wisdom! We always get the Little Princess to try new foods or eat what's in her plate by saying that we'll eat it lol

  2. This book sounds great. I'd love a copy even though I don't have kids yet. Maybe it will work on boyfriends in the meantime! LOL.

  3. Oh my goodness! Now where was this book when my kids were little? I think they did a better job at conning their daddy and I. ;-)


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