Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Goblin Rebellion

by: Rex Jameson

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Five years after the Uldram catastrophe, the elf Routan sits in a shattered home filled with the faded memories of his murdered children. King Elandril has done nothing to bring Lucifer and the demons to justice, and despite the assurances of the government, Routan remains convinced that the Elven Realm is in grave danger. Assistance comes from the creator of the Order Primal, and together, he and Routan will shake the foundations of the multiverse.

Length: 95,000 words (approx. 392 pages in print)

The Goblin Rebellion is the sequel to Lucifer's Odyssey and the second book in the Primal Patterns series.

This is a guy novel. Not to say that women can't enjoy it, I did. But this one guys will get too. There is so much talk of primal patterns and shadows and universe stuff...honestly it's hard to wrap my head around most of it. But that being said, it doesn't take away from the story. Even though I don't get it, it adds validity to what the characters are doing. Their magic is drawn from their primal pattern.

Well if you want to read this one, I recommend you get Lucifer's Odyssey first. That story goes from Lucifer (Prince of the Chaos primal) being trapped on Earth in the Order primal. He does finally escape and then a whole mess of exciting stuff happens.

I will say one thing, these books keep you on the edge of your seat no matter what is going on. Lucifer isn't the bad guy either, he's the good guy and Jehova - Lucifer's cousin is the bad guy. Jehova is a tinkerer and he left Chaos to create his own primal pattern. Did I mention he's kind of a jerk? He thinks his work is of the utmost importance and will stop at nothing to continue it. That includes taking out another primal pattern. In the first book he tries attacking the Chaos primal, since that didn't work he's back trying to take out the Elvin primal.

And that's all I'm telling you. It's only $2.99 for the e-book at Amazon and really that's a HUGE bargain considering how long and jammed full of excitement it is.


  1. I really like the title. And I'm kind of fond to guy books ;-)

    1. Thanks, Magaly :D! If you end up starting the series, I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Thanks for the review, Angie. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on both the pros and cons of the book and series with your readers!

  3. This one sounds enticing. I get bored very easily in a story so on the edge of my seat would be good for me. ;-) Thank you for the review, Angie.


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