Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Silenced by the Yams

by: Karen Cantwell

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Soccer mom, Barbara Marr attracts trouble the way the North Pole attracts short men with odd wardrobe choices. So it’s no surprise when she finds herself in deep doo-doo while attempting to prove the innocence of friend and ex-Mafia goon, Frankie Romano, after he’s arrested for the murder of a famous action movie director.

This third book in the popular Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series brings Barb out of the suburbs and into the slimy, urban world of bright lights, nightly news, and drive-by shootings. Luckily, she never loses her sense of humor or her ability to befriend some decidedly quirky characters.

On my list of favorite authors, I would put Karen Cantwell up there just above Janet Evanovich. I am in love with Barbara Marr and all her friends. It's so good to have a heroine who is not perfect and is just trying to do what she loves, raising her girls and watching movies. She started a movie review website - which made me lover her all the more. I reviewed a few movies, but books are my passion - lol.

This is the 3rd book, but there are a few short stories out there featuring Mrs. Marr. The way bad things happen around her, has people telling her she's a bad luck magnet and distancing themselves. One of her best friends is even moving far away. I felt so bad for her in this book. And the poor thing can't even deny that she does have bad luck. On the other hand, it's funny that Karen calls attention to how ridiculous it would be in real life to keep stumbling across murder-mysteries.

But here is why you will love Barbara too, she doesn't stop. Her friend, someone she believed in was arrested. She knew he was innocent and just kept plugging on to help him, no matter what. I would like to say I would do that for a friend, but really we don't know until we are there. Most of us would trust in the justice system. Of course, having a husband in the FBI and a best friend investigator give her a different perspective.

I can't wait to see what happens next. It just keeps getting more out there, and the people around her keep losing patience. Plus I love seeing what the mystery is and how it plays out. Cantwell keeps it silly, but the mystery is strong.

If you love quirky mystery - go get a copy. It's free right now, and only $3.99 regularly.

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