Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Witches in Flight

by: Debora Geary

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Ghosts from Lizard's past--and the man who wants to be her future.

The empty places in Elsie's soul--and the temptations of raspberry-laced courage.

Walk once more with Jennie's students as they come to the end of their WitchLight journeys.

Ah--just read it. You know you want to :-).

Witches Under Way is the final book in the WitchLight spin-off trilogy, set in the world of the A Modern Witch series.

You know my favorite thing about reading this WitchLight Trilogy? It's the burst of self confidence I get, the desire to fly free toward my bliss. Everyone should be able to find what they love, that's not always easy but everyone should be able to find some happiness. And there's nothing like a dose of Lizard and Elsie to remind me what I'm striving for.

The other thing I love, is the healing calm her stories carry. They make me weep with the unconditional love all the witches have for each other, this is present in both the WitchLight Trilogy and A Modern Witch series. The easy manor they impart wisdom, and even take criticism. It is best imbibed after reading a dark tale. This time it followed Jonathan Kellerman's newest novel, Victims. And that was a pretty horrid tale. I didn't even wait before picking up this book, I closed the one and opened the other. It healed my heart. (And don't misunderstand me, I LOVED Mr. Kellerman's novel too, but it can get dark!)

And finally, I love (am jealous of) the way those witches can eat cookies and ice cream like it's going out of style and not gain weight. Granted they are burning through it, it just makes me wish I were a witch like in her books. Sadly the reality does not come with the metabolism boost. lol

In this novel, the girls are finishing up their time on parole. They have learned so much, and worked so hard to...not even reinvent themselves. To grow, and live up to their potential. Lizard always put herself down as being too stupid, although she's a fracking genius! And Elsie, she's working to keep that stick out of her bum. lol

These are just the main characters the story revolves around. There are a mess of other witches and regular people that have love to share and laughs to give. There will be laughter, tears, and sharp intakes of breath. But this is a smooth read that weaves a tale that will live with you long after you finish.

I truly can't say anymore. If you haven't read these, pick up from the 1st one, Witches on Parole. Next is Witches Under Way. Oh and if you don't have a Kindle, you can purchase the book from Amazon, then e-mail your receipt to Debora Geary to get a version for your e-reader of choice. Just visit her website here.


  1. I love reading about witches and I am like you I wouldn't mind being a witch too. I have not read these. But I will have to check both WitchLight Trilogy and A Modern Witch series out and add them to my TBR list. Thanks for the review. I love finding new books to add.

    Nancy @ The Avid Reader

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nancy, and you won't regret that. I also love how affordable they are. 1/2 the price of a paperback.

  2. Love the Reviews! I came from Magaly's & I'm sorry but STILL visiting all partiers because there really is so many cool things to read & see so I took my time (can't rush a good read or review) I should write a list of cool books, I don't have an e-reader and everytime I go in a bookstore the mental list of books I want to read goes out my head!! I must see if I can get a Kindle or like, the old ones have really come down in price over here :)

    1. The good thing (and bad thing) about having a Kindle (or Nook) is the instant book-gratification. :) Deborah Geary's books are mostly available as e-books for around $3.99...so if you buy a lot of books in a bookstore, the e-reader pays for itself very quickly.

  3. Wow! This sounds like a wonderful read. I agree so much that anything that boosts self confidence is a huge plus. Hugs, Mina


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