Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Short Story Review: AlmaMia Cienfuegos

by: Magaly Guerrero

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In dreams, nine-year-old AlmaMia Cienfuegos chokes on the tears and blood that bubble out of her eyes, while her sister, Soledad, gloats over the younger girl’s broken body.

Mamabuela, AlmaMia’s grandmother, insists Soledad means no harm; and AlmaMia knows the difference between nightmares and reality, but her sister still frightens her. When AlmaMia refuses to hand in a family heirloom, Soledad’s rage sends the Cienfuegos family over the edge.

Set in the Dominican Republic, “AlmaMia Cienfuegos” tells a story where blood deceives, nightmares rot, and sisters wage war on each other.

That beautiful cover is by Sunshine Shelle, you can find more of her work at her Etsy store. That was exciting to find out, her art has been featured on Magaly's blog for some time, and it's always haunting and cute. And we can all agree that's a tricky genre of art. And as a compliment to both, it gives this story a professional look.

The story itself is quite short, but full to bursting with emotion. You will finishing this story wishing you could bring AlmaMia home with you. She's such a young girl, and has such a horrid sister and mother. She actually lives with her grandmother, and hates to go home. I don't blame her, I'd rather be left alone rather than visit those 2 as well.

There is a super twist at the end that explains the sister and mother's behavior, somewhat. It's still unforgivable, but at least understandable.

The e-book is $1.99 at Amazon, which I think is a little steep for a short story. On the other hand, it's still only $2 and you know you are supporting the artist and not a publishing house. We are super spoiled with the low priced e-books. So, worth the price? You have to decide that one on your own but I would have been fine after reading the tale. It will stick with you.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful review, and even more for including Shelle. I love it when a reviewer points out what the art brings to the tale, which in this case is a lot. Shelle show the colors, light, shapes and darkness I see in my head while writing ;-)

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  3. Thanks so much for including me in this awesome review Angie, I was totally stoked to be asked to collaborate on creating a cover for Magaly's dark & bloody 'AlmaMia Cienfuegos'. Your review is spot on, so happy you enjoyed the book - a haunting story with a strong heroine, told by a writer with such passion she had me hooked from the opening words... Artistically - reading for me was such a emotional & visual experience, the images Magaly's words created, was like this amazing girl AlmaMia was holding my hand - showing me her nightmare world. It's not because I did the cover LOL, but I would recommend this too (& have been) to anyone wanting to emerge themselves in really good read. Thanks again for including my art in this review & Magaly was just a dream (the good kind) to work with :)

  4. Wonderful review, Angie! I believe you hit it right on when you said "You will finishing this story wishing you could bring AlmaMia home with you." And Shelle's artwork is such perfection, is it not? What a wonderful team. Hugs sweetie.

  5. Angie, great review! And, I agree, Shelle's art work and Magaly's writing is a perfect match ;o)


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