Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book Review: Dark Cell

by: Samantha Curtin

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After being wrongly imprisoned for the murder of two Gorgan children, a Crizenian by the name of Ness is broken out by two teenage boys. The boys then embark on a fantastical journey full of magic, suspense and corruption to prove Ness' innocence.

This is the first published work by my friend Samantha Curtin. I was excited to read this, because I follow her blog and she's a good writer. If you check out her blog, she writes about numerous topics from an Anthropological perspective. She's one smart cookie!

She is a good story teller, and her characters are lively. I really liked the boy whose uncle was housing Ness. He was smart, but more importantly he cared about doing the right thing. That was lacking by everyone else in the world Sam created.

The story captured my imagination and I had to read from beginning to the end. I cared about the boys and Ness, and hated the world he was trapped in. I thought it was a great view of our own modern legal system, where real justice is hard to find.

There is room for improvement. I think Sam needs to slow down and add more details. Especially in the courtroom scene, it moved entirely too fast for the importance of what was going on.

Also, you'll find some typos but not too many considering she published this on her own.

All that being said, I think it was entertaining and I can't wait to read her next story. She has raw talent that I look forward to watching it improve.


  1. Very astute review, Angie. I have to agree with all assessments here. Loved the storyline. I understood the typos.. sometimes, when converting it to Kindle, I've seen those happen. Those aren't really her, so much as the software.

    As for slowing down, adding detail.. yes, absolutely. I'm still not clear as to the motivation of one of the characters. But, I can say that I did not want to put it down. Great job, Sammi!

  2. Yes, love this review! Thanks for letting me know what needed work as a writer I am always looking to grow! Thanks again for the review and your support. <3

  3. Kids and injustice, now I want to read it.

  4. True justice is so very hard to find when children are concerned. Wonderful review, Angie. I will add this to my list.


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