Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review: The Risque Target

by: Kelly Gendron

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There’s one name that has Agent Nala Dekker reaching for the gun holstered to her leg—Tantum Maddox, the one name her partner said before he died in her arms. After three years of searching for the faceless Tantum Maddox, his name has finally surfaced. Nala jumps on the first plane to Boston in chase of her long-awaited revenge. But instead of taking Tantum in for his crime or shooting him—in self-defense, of course—Nala nearly ends up in bed with the killer. So, it probably would’ve been a good idea to find out what her Target looked like before she went after him.

Agent Tantum Maddox has completed his assignment in Mexico... and now it’s time for his revenge. When Tantum finds a mysterious woman in his arms, and after he discovers exactly who she is—his Target—he must decide what to do with the gun concealed beneath her dress. Should he use it on her and kill her? Or spare her life and take her captive until he finds the answers he’s been looking for?

Somehow Nala’s innocence comes into question by the dangerously sexy Tantum Maddox and he accuses her of being a cold blooded killer. But why is Nala the one on trial, for Tantum’s the one who killed her partner—isn’t he? In this torrid twist of betrayal and seduction, will Tantum and Nala resist killing each other? Or worse, when the truth unfolds, will love become the only threat to their vindictive hearts?

Review written by Lilith

The Risque Target is what I would call an erotic thriller. We start off learning about Tantum. A bad boy with a past. A past that he has deemed makes him worthless to any woman beyond a one night stand. What happened in his past to make him this way, you’ll have to read to find out. We also learn about Nala. She also has a past, one that keeps her from getting close to anyone. What happens when two people with a past collide? Tantum sees Nala as a possible conquest. Nala sees Tantum as a cold blooded murderer who killed her partner three years ago and she WILL get her revenge.

I will say this book was a pleasant read. It started off kind of slow, but once things got going I couldn’t put it down! There is action, suspense, and of course some really steamy sex scenes. The character development was pretty good, and I could picture Tantum in my head perfectly. Nala on the other hand, I had trouble getting a clear picture of her. The biggest complaint I have about this book is it seemed that the author had a set page number in their head and as they got close to that number they had to hurry up and finish the book. I think if there had been an extra 50 pages this book would have been outstanding!

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