Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book Spotlight: Check Out Time

by: Rosa Sophia

Synopsis: Naomi Vogler blames herself for her mother's tragic death, continually reliving the accident in her nightmares. When she reconnects with her estranged father, he invites her to live with him in a little town called Witchfire. A simple job stocking shelves overnight at a local grocery store seems a perfect distraction. But when the manager of the store is found dead in the boiler room, Naomi's boring job becomes something much more complicated. No matter how she looks at it, one thing is certain: retail is murder.

I've had the pleasure of working with Rosa Sophia before. She is a professional author and editor. Her writing is clear and captivating. Even though I wasn't a huge fan of Taking 1960, the story has yet to leave my memory. So I don't mind recommending this story, especially for the younger crowd (I'm talking early 20s not tweeners - lol).

It is available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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**note: book spotlight means I did not read this book, but felt like sharing anyway**

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