Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guest Blog by Cinnamon Crow

I have been an intuitive all my life and an oracle card reader for years. Teen Oracle was my first published work.

It was created when my then twelve year old step-daughter, Lindsey, asked for a card reading. Oracle cards typically have a word or phrase printed on the top of the card. When I would lay out a spread for Lindsey, I found that I spent more time explaining basic concepts such as Spirit Guides, intuition and Law of Attraction than reading her cards. Each question I answered led to a dozen others. I never did give her a reading.

There are many books on teen spirituality on the market. Lindsey, being an Indigo child with a short attention span, would never sit still long enough to read one. So I decided to buy her a teen or beginner’s oracle deck that would explain some of the basic spiritual concepts to her. After searching the internet for a deck to purchase, I found that there were not any at all on the market, so I wrote my own.

At this time in my life, I was surrounded not only by children but also many newly awakened adults. I found myself answering the same questions from the young and the old. When I first began my spiritual journey, I read every book I could get my hands on; so, while writing Teen Oracle, I tried to include as much of this basic, beginner information as possible. My goal was to have a deck that anyone, no matter where they were on their journey, could use from the very experienced, to the newly awakened.

I kept the meanings short and to the point mainly for my Indigo step-daughter and my oldest Indigo son. Neither would read a long explanation, but both will read the meanings in Teen Oracle. If they will read it, your child will too. Now Lindsey doesn’t ask for readings from me. She does it herself.

I have had many adults contact me that use this deck. They say if you take out the references to parents and teachers, it is a great beginner deck. That was my goal! My brother, ten years my senior, leaves the cards out on his coffee table so he can wow his friends with his accurate readings. He just hides the box so they don’t know that it is a Teen deck!

Cinnamon Crow is the creator of the Chakra Zodiac Healing Oracle and the Teen Oracle decks. You can learn more about Cinnamon and her Oracle decks at her website

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