Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Talk about a Happy Birthday!

I stumbled upon Plusrose Lane awhile back. They happened to have a giveaway going on. I drooled over all the blog items (backgrounds and such) and then followed the link to their Etsy store...and drooled some more. I entered the giveaway and then forgot. I was very excited when I received an e-mail informing me that I was a winner and could pick out a Key Holder from the store. Don't you love it? Go check it out, I'm planning a blog makeover from this store sometime soon.

And, my good friend, the Shadow Witch, sent me these earrings just because she loves me so. :) You have no idea how wonderful it is to go to the mailbox and find a darling treasure instead of junk mail. Takes me back to my college days when you'd get the occasional care package. The pumpkin earrings are my favorite fall earrings, and will go well with this little Halloween necklace I have. The boys and I decided those ships are pirate ships, and they are tickled when I wear them. ARRRRGGHHH, Pirate mama! LOL

She has an ebay store full of her creations here - http://myworld.ebay.com/shadow_witch/?_trksid=p4340.l2559

My husband, god love him, doesn't really do the gift thing very well. This year I asked if I could buy an easel and some paints. I've been dying to give painting a try. He said, "sure!" happy to get out of the guilt this year. See, at least he feels bad about it...that's better than my dad who just doesn't do it for anyone.

The boys and I went to Jo-Ann's and Wal-mart where I stocked up on Oil paints, canvas, an easel, acrylics and paint brushes. The first painting is done with oil paints. I love the texture but it takes so long to dry that by the time it is, it's covered with pet hair and little boy fingerprints. The 2nd one is done with acrylics. Not as much fun, but it is fast drying.

Before I go, my artistic drive is rubbing off the boys. CW has been on a drawing frenzy. He even picked out some mini-colored pencils and has been working hard. Ivan picked out his own set of acrylics and I got him some multi-media paper. Here he is hard at work painting with me.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes over on Facebook, and also for stopping by and giving me an audience.


  1. Happy birthday, precious. I see you got wonderful presents, especially the one alive and painting on the photo ;-)

    Hm, so, what's up with the easel?

    1. Yes, Ivan has been great. I love watching him work on it, every couple seconds he tells me the next color he wants so I can open it for him. The easel, actually just a cheap table-top one from Jo-Anns, it was on sale for 25% off $5.99...I was afraid it would be junk but it honestly hasn't been bad. I might get the kid kind for the boys.

  2. I hope you had a great birthday!! I love the prize you won and the earrings are too cute! Keep on painting! You never know ;o) Love seeing your son paint! Big Hugs and take care ;o)

    1. Thanks, that's what I figure. I'm starting to think I might try a modern art approach. I might be happier with my outcome. lol Plus I'll keep practicing my drawing as well.

  3. ♫Happy Birthday♫ I hope your year is filled with continued happiness, creativity and inspiration!
    What a delightful posting and how wonderful that your boys (too cute) are following in your creative footsteps!
    So happy you love your goodies ~ it's wonderful to be lucky AND loved!

  4. Happy, happy belated birthday, Angie. I love all of Sharon's work. I have one of her key chains and got one for my daughter. She also my blog background, header and sidebar button.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday with extra special surprises. You deserve every bit of it sweetie. Hugs.


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