Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Review: Craft-a-Day: 365 Simple Handmade Projects

by: Sarah Goldschadt

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Make something new every day of the year! Craft-a-Day is your guide to simple fun handmade projects. It offers daily inspiration, along with fun weekly themes to kick-start your imagination. January brings Snowflake Week, February features Groundhog Week, and March offers Hexagon Week – there's truly something for everyone.

Author Sarah Goldschadt provides whimsical ideas for basic crafts that require no advanced skills or crazy crafting tools; these projects are as fun and easy to make as they are to admire. Complete with handy patterns and more than 400 photographs, Craft-a-Day challenges you to make something special, each and every day.

I do love this book. It's full of cute and simple crafts that my boys and I adore and can't wait to get started on. I want to make all the felt ornaments for the Christmas tree, they want me to make all the felt stuffed animals for them. And CW wants me to do the paper sailboat cake for his birthday. Ivan chose diamonds.

Do you get what happened when that book arrived. They have both been through the whole thing at least twice. And they get mad when I sit down to look through it. She does a wonderful job breaking down each craft into steps, and they really are adorable. The first day, CW made the robot right out of the book, he traced her pattern on paper and finished it up with no help.

But I will say, the word unique is a stretch. Well they are set up in themes by week. So let's take the robot, there is a robot doll, a robot ornament, a robot magnet, a robot see my point. They are unique but it's not 365 different things. There are dolls, ornaments and some paper craft for every theme and each theme runs a week. Personally, I still love it but I also think it's misleading to make it sound like there are 365 totally unique projects.

So, should you get a copy? If you love crafts that are quick and cute, YES! And if you have kids, it's even better!


  1. Excellent review! I do love a good craft book and one that has easy to-do crafts for children, even better! Overall I liked it, but I will have to say that the title is misleading to me in that I am assuming 365 different crafts. The weekly themes of the same object are not enough variety for me. However, I do really like the felt stuffed animals/objects! They are kid-friendly.

  2. Wonderful when kids get a book they enjoy. And 365 tries, yum!

  3. This is the kind of book my kids loved! My daughter still comes to visit and sometimes calls it an arts and crafts day, only our supplies have gotten quite a bit more pricey. ;-)


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