Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review: Mrs. B's Guide to Household Witchery

by: Kris Bradley

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Red Wheel/Weiser

For domestic goddesses everywhere--add some magic and fun to those mundane household chores with Mrs. B.'s Guide to Household Witchery. Whether you're sweeping the floor, making a meal, or cleaning out that junk drawer, domestic witch Kris Bradley, creator of the popular blog, Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, will show you how to create spells and magic to bring happiness and balance into your home. Bradley offers ideas and solutions to make the most out of everyday items, activities, and obligations. From Anchovies to Broccoli, and Wine to Yeast, from sweeping the floor to blow-drying your hair, you can change your outlook on life with a pinch of knowledge and a dash of magic! The book includes simple rituals, spells, and ways to connect with the spirits that watch over your home and family. Includes an appendix of herbs and a complete materia magica from the kitchen pantry.

Mrs. B's Guide to Household Witchery features:
  • Room by Room: How to create magic while you cook, set up a family altar in the living room, or do a junk drawer divination
  • The Elements for the Domestic Witch: a primer on the 4 elements and how to balance them in your home
  • The Domestic Witch's Herbal: Magical uses for every herb and food in your pantry, as well as instant magic with prepackaged spice mixes
  • Simple Sabbats for the Busy Witch: simple ways to celebrate the passing of the seasons
  • Magical Recipes: More than 100 recipes and spells

I'm so excited to write this review. I've been following Kris Bradley's blog Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom for a few years now, and also on Facebook. She's a thoughtful witch with so many well written articles out there in the cyber-world. I was so happy for her when she got this book deal, and after sitting down with my copy, I know she deserved it.

It's full of information that is written with a conversational tone. It makes it a fast and easy read. I went through the book in one sitting. Granted, I didn't scrutinize every bit, but I didn't miss much either. This is a keeper! The herbs and deity information she includes is priceless. I love cooking, and she encourages us to be mindful of the herbs we use to include a little magic in our everyday. I enjoyed going room to room and looking through all her ideas to add spirituality to every space in your home. I also enjoyed the family hearth and altar. Recognizing that most families don't have a fireplace anymore, she gives ideas to build your own hearth. This book lit a fire under me, and I have loads of ideas I now want to try in my own home.

I fully recommend this book to both new and experienced pagans. Going through this book, I felt the old flame I found reading Silver Ravenwolf and Scott Cunningham.

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  1. Oh what a wonderful review. I remember when she began this book and am so thrilled to see it is now completed and ready for our viewing. Thank you so much Angie!


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