Friday, November 2, 2012

Book Review: Deal with the Devil

by: Samantha Curtin

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Deal with the Devil is a series of four short stories that follows The Family, a group of vampires on their quest to quench their thirst for blood. The series centers on Aer, the seductress and newest member of The Family, and her need to rid the world of the immoral while satisfying her love of carnage.

I had the pleasure of doing a beta read for this story. Sam is really a talented writer. Her characters can be annoying at times, but it gives them depth. Tell me a single person in your life that doesn't get on your nerves at any point.

It starts off with this young woman...I can't remember her name, but she's so boring! All she does is complain about her boring life and how she wants to get out of town. But stick with it...she does find her destiny and she really comes to life, even as she loses her life.

So Aer becomes a part of this close-knit vampire clan, and they travel the country. The fun thing about these vampires is that they only kill people who they think "deserve it" but their bar is set pretty low.

So even while you are being creeped out by these vampires, it still makes you think about morality and mortality. Good job, Sam!

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