Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Review: The Good Woman

by: Jane Porter

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The firstborn of a large Irish-American family, Meg Brennan Roberts is a successful publicist, faithful wife, and doting mother who prides herself on always making the right decisions. But years of being “the good woman” have taken a toll and though her winery career thrives, Meg feels burned out and empty, and more disconnected than ever from her increasingly distant husband. Lonely and disheartened, she attends the London Wine Fair with her boss, ruggedly handsome vintner, Chad Hallahan. It’s here, alone together in an exotic city, far from “real” life, that Chad confesses his long-standing desire for Meg.

Overwhelmed, flattered, and desperately confused, Meg returns home, only to suddenly question every choice she’s ever made, especially that of her marriage. For Meg, something’s got to give, and for once in her life she flees her responsibilities—but with consequences as reckless and irreversible as they are liberating. Now she must decide whether being the person everyone needs is worth losing the woman she was meant to be.

I read this a few weeks ago. I picked it up, and couldn't put it down...didn't matter that it wasn't due yet. Jane's writing in this story is so colorful. Meg is a type A personality, all the way. I'm not...and that could have ended the tale. But the way she is presented, you get to know Meg so intimately that you can relate even if you would never be in that situation.

Have you ever felt undesired, unloved and unappreciated in your family? All women can relate to that, and those are the keys to understanding Meg's dilemma. She's spent her entire life being the strong one, the one to take care of everyone. She blamed her parents for putting that pressure on her, but maybe she was just always high-strung?

It runs through the tale in a realistic way. We all have our problems, and times when life doesn't go the way we want it too. But you always have family, even if they bug the living hell out of you. And they will pull you to your feet, even if the regret threatens to drown you.

I adored this story and I can't wait to read "The Good Daughter" coming out in February.

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