Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Reivew: Cool Side of the Pillow

by: Gregory G. Allen

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Zachary Kleinmann lives in the elite world of New Canaan, Connecticut and has left his accounting job four years earlier to be a modern stay-at-home father. But as his son is starting preschool, his wife is passionately involved in her own career, and Zach is knocking on forty years old, he begins to wonder how he will find his own serenity and define himself moving forward. Enter Ginger Charman, an older, eccentric, free living children's theater actress who has dedicated her life to bringing joy to children and keeping all those around her young at heart. As Zach is pulled into her world and discovers secrets about his new friend, he is not sure he'll ever be able to leave the rabbit hole once he has fallen through - or if he'll even want to venture outside of it again.

Fantastic! This guy has a way with words that just demands your attention. Yesterday as I was watching tv and crocheting, all I could think about was finishing this book. And I finally did, after I put the kids to bed.

It really resonated with me because Zach is basically a male version of me. He was a numbers guy who hated his job, hated that world and was happy to give it up to take care of his son. But now his boy is in school and everyone is pressuring him to go back to work. But who would want to go back to something that you truly detested???

So, now what? While trying to figure that out he meets Ginger Charman. She's a wonderful actress who does shows for children in libraries, at parties and so on. Zach comes in and is completely fascinated by this woman. She comes from a similar background, they all do in this story. Children of money. But she throws off all those expectations and follows her passion.

Can he do that? What is his passion? What would he love to do day in and day out, so it wouldn't be like work? He does find a dream and follows it. You'll have to read the book to find out what that is, though.

There were a few parts that seemed forced into the story, taking more time to develop characters would have solved that. But all in all, I enjoyed my time with this one.


  1. This sounds like not only a wonderful book, but a way to share life experience. Thank you for your wonderful reviews sweetie. Warmest hugs, Mina

    1. Thanks for those words, Mina! I hope you read it and I get to hear your thoughts as well! All the best - Greg

  2. A male version of you, huh? Now I want to read it just to see what you are like as a guy ;-)


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