Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hello Again Cyber-World

Well, what have I been up to during my time off?
The boys and I took our summer adventure up to Charlevoix to meet my friend and artist, Annie. It was a magical trip. We had the most darling cabin and Annie showed us all around her town. Ivan is still asking when we can go back.
Early this autumn, the boys found this huge mushroom. I thought they were exaggerating until they dragged me out to see it. I love that they know enough to not touch things they are unfamiliar with. My boys will make good mountain men someday. lol
And this is my niece, E. She is so adorable! She's generally very sweet, but so full of energy. Just like her dad.
And finally, when CW brought the sock monkey home, he had to find a good photo. Too bad mom dropped the ball and forgot to get the pic ordered in time. Oh well, we read the books and had fun within our own little family.

I've been cooking up a storm. I bake bread, muffins, cookies and cakes. Most recently I made a strawberry shortcake - diner style - and both boys have already requested it for their birthday cakes. Carolyn has requested a cheesecake for Christmas. Money is tight, so I am more than happy to do this for her.

I made home-made green bean casserole for Thanksgiving, perfected my pumpkin roll and pecan pie as well. I'm learning and my family benefits. Last night when I asked if they wanted breakfast for dinner or spaghetti - there was a resounding "spaghetti" shout out. I make it from scratch...ok I'm using canned tomatoes, but there's no sugar. It's sweetened with carrots and celery. Best of all, Ivan eats it up. I used ground venison from my Uncle and ground beef from the Agoff's. I thought the boys would turn their nose up at the gamey flavor of the venison. Nope, they cleaned it up!

I've been struggling with "what do I want to be when I grow up." The fact is, I have the accounting degree, but when I think about going back to an office, I panic. When I think of going to culinary school, I light up. I would make it happen, but there isn't one in my area...not even close. So until I figure out how to become a chef without formal training, I'll just keep cooking away.

I miss blogging and I am still reading, so I thought I'd start writing here again. I'm going to share my culinary endeavors, book reviews, and life in general.


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome back, girlfriend!! You've been missed!! <3

  2. You have been cooking up a storm!!! Everything sounds so yummy! I wish you all the best, in whatever you want to do ;o) Love the vacation pictures ;o)


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