Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Review: Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts (The Crown) by: Colleen Oakes

I usually love these kinds of stories, that take a beloved classic tale and remake it. Queen of Hearts was no disappointment. It's full of action, intrigue and violence. Dinah is the future Queen of Hearts. As she grows up with her father, she longs to be queen and gain his respect. She even has her future king all picked out.

Her brother Charles is the Mad Hatter. He literally is mad and makes hats, there is great demand for a Mad Hatter hat.

She also has a half sister, whom she hates. Which honestly I think is unfair of Dinah. After all, it's not the girl's fault her father had a dalliance while away during war. Dinah treats her horribly and is then punished by her father.

Cheshire is also there, as the creepy adviser to the King.

In the prologue we clearly see where the story is leading, but not at all how we get there. I felt that instead of giving too much away, it created this crescendo within the tale. Every exciting moment leaves you asking, "is this it???" And at the end it's all moving so fast and the story is so good. I actually yipeed when I finished it and saw there's going to be another book.

The price is $3.99 for the Kindle version, and I think that is a great value for this tale.

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