Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Review: One Hundred Names

by: Cecelia Ahern

Kitty Logan is a journalist who just messed up big time. Like career ruining bad. She is lucky to have friends in her corner. One friend, and her mentor, Constance reassures her that Kitty's career is not over and she will always have a job at Constance's magazine that she runs with her husband. Unfortunately Constance loses her battle with cancer just when Kitty needs her most. She is reeling from mourning her friend, her career and her boyfriend. Yeah, in this moment he just moves out without a word.

See, Kitty did a piece on a teacher that was untrue. The story was that he had inappropriate relations with his students and one of them was pregnant with his baby. Oh it was bad. He lost his job and his family. She lost her TV job and feeling of safety. People who really felt for this guy were constantly attacking her apartment. We're talking lots and lots of vandalism. To the point that she is evicted.

I don't know how Kitty survived. Her life was completely out of control. She was close to losing her job at the magazine as well. She comes up with the idea of an issue in honor of Constance. She is given the task of finding the story that Constance had never finished. What does she find? 100 names. She even finds the contact information in a phone book that has highlights corresponding with the list. Great - that took time to find given the insane organization skills Constance and her husband have.

So, she is off - to find out who these people are, how are they connected and she only has 2 weeks total to get it all together. There are twists and turns and all sorts of surprises in this book. I was on edge for Kitty, and you get to know and love all the characters. It's really a great book.

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