Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Book Review: Forget Love

by Babsy Tom

**I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

This book was originally in German. In fact, the author's website is in German. It is translated into English and there are more than a few moments in the story where that is painfully clear. I think that leads to this getting less than stellar reviews.

I can give a lot of latitude when I know this up front. But really, spend a little time and care on translation.

The story starts in the Emergency Room with the main character, Penny. When she later wakes up she freaks out, she can't remember who she is. Then she sees her friends, her ex-husband, and co-worker and can't remember any of them either. As we start to find out more about her, alongside Penny, we all agree that maybe some do-over is a good thing. But she's not as shallow as she comes across.

When she comes home, where she lives with her ex, she realizes her mother-in-law is staying for an extended visit. But being that she doesn't remember their relationship, they do get a new start. And Penny does it right, I was happy to see. As she mends, she uncovers so much. But she can't help herself, even though they are divorced, even though he is in her phone under Asshole, she can't help but desire Tom, her ex. She wonders why she let him go. What happened between them? Can she win him over?

Now don't get this expecting some deep work of literature. I don't think this is a real category, but I would call it pop-romance. It's pretty shallow, not a lot of time spent developing characters. But you can't help but root for Penny and Tom. You can't help but root for Penny as she tries to get back into her life. She has friends who love her and really, Tom still lives in the same house so he can't completely hate her.

I enjoyed this light read. Great for a trip, it goes really fast.

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