Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Review: The Secret Life of Wishful Thinking

by: Lindy DeKoven

Not bad...not great, either. It's a fine story that would probably be classified as Women's Fiction. There is some romance here, but mostly we are dealing with Kenzie's healing from an humiliating experience early on in her career and her mother's death. Her best friend Gemma is trying to reconnect with her birth father. And there is a small story line with Kenzie's employee, Sarita and the biggest customer of the Track, Brynne.

Sarita is into the Goth scene and wants to sing, also she doesn't want to get married. Her father is not down with any of this. Brynne is very old fashioned. She went to a southern college, married well and never looked back. But did she make the right choices?

We follow these women, and it is interesting. I will say I had a hard time putting it down. It was a good story, fairly well written with decent flow.

I guess my only downside is that it was pretty vanilla. Nothing that happened was a surprise and it all wrapped up as expected. I would say it's a good beach read. Not too demanding of the reader. The one thing that really, really bugged me was the number of times the author took a short cut on her sentences. Skipping the "I" or "I'm" that generally makes a complete sentence and starting right with the verb. "Happy you showed up." "Excited to start this project." Not exact quotes but after a few hundred pages, this was driving me insane. Not enough to stop reading, but come on girl! Complete sentences in a book! People might text like that, but we haven't started talking like that, have we?

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