Monday, March 9, 2015

Book Review: Wait for the Rain

by: Maria Murnane

A not so newly divorced woman is going on vacation with her college friends to celebrate turning 40. That she is turning 40, that her teenage daughter doesn't seem to need her anymore, that her ex-husband is getting remarried, all have her feeling lost. She already has felt that way for years. With being a mother, leaving her career behind, failing as a wife...failing to have more children. She isn't sure who she is anymore, or what happened to who she wanted to be.

Daphne is the main character, a friendly lady who gets along with just about anyone she meets. She has been working part-time in a flower shop since the divorce. It gets her out of the house, but I don't think it fulfills her. I'd be curious to see what she gets up to once she is home.

Skylar, her ambitious best friend, is an over-worked software person. I'm not really sure what she does, but she spends most of her waking hours doing it, even on vacation. But it's her boss's home, and the reason they are all there. She does take off, but we are left wondering if she is where she wants to be. Even she wonders, will she one day regret all the time spent working and having no one to come home to?

And finally, there is KC, their hyper 3rd mate. She teaches fitness classes, participates in a soccer league for adults, and is the best step-mother she can be to her husband's grown boys. No kids of her own, but she is fine with that as she didn't even expect marriage.

Daphne is the clear center here, with so much to clear up and move on from. I loved the vacation vibe in this story, and was so pleased with how Daphne handled herself even when she was unsure. I liked the honesty that her and her hook-up treated each other with. She both relaxes and grows on this vacation. Is there going to be more stories with these women? I don't know, but I'll be first in line if there is.

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