Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Product Review: Aegend™ Adult/Youth Swim Goggles with Case(Blue)

***Aegend sent me these swim goggles in exchange for an honest review.***
I wasn't expecting to be too impressed. I've tried so many swim goggles. I guess I'm cynical because of my kids. I can never get them a set that last...or even work. Seriously, they break almost immediately or they don't keep the water out or both!

The marketing person I worked with said these were for adults. But this is what they look like and the Amazon description says adult and youth. Anyway, they fit my 9 year old son and worked fine. They came in the coolest case I've ever seen. You twist the end and it opens up. I seriously want something like that for my glasses, please and thank you.
The color is a very rich blue. It appealed to me, I'm into blue. The straps are easy to adjust. There's a thing to press on either edge of the goggles to adjust the strap size. And instead of having to maneuver them over your head, there's a snap in the back! Now you might think that's not a big deal, but when you are sharing them with your 9 year old, who keeps changing his mind...the easy adjustment and the snap were a godsend!

We were all set to go swimming at the next town's pool, but storms were rolling through. We ended up at the Comfort Inn in Mt. Pleasant. They were so nice about letting us swim there. $5 per person is hard to beat! It's by our house, so no driving to the next town. It is indoors, so no worry about storms. And on a Monday afternoon, there were no people there either.
I loved the goggles myself. They kept the water out of my eyes, which made swimming easier. I'd forgotten how nice that is. Luckily CW kept going back to the kid goggles they had there. But those were such a pain. I told CW I'd buy him his own pair, and offered one to Ivan. He's not sold, but I think he wants one of those face mask ones. The price is far lower than I was expecting, so yeah, CW's getting his own set!
Now let me tell you about Ivan. He has never been one for going underwater. He's been practicing. He was scared but he let me toss him in the water - which I do to CW all the time. He loved it! And he was so proud of himself. Then he got out and jumped in, another first! Then he tried jumping in 4 feet, then 5 feet. He was amazing!!!

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