Friday, July 10, 2015

Book Review: New Uses for Old Boyfriends

by: Beth Kendrick

I can't believe I didn't track down a review copy of this one (got this from my library - thank you CRDL!!!). It's the 2nd Black Dog Bay novel, the first being The Cure for the Common Breakup. I did review that one and I did enjoy it. These aren't real heavy, but you do end up caring about the characters. You need to read The Cure for the Common Breakup in order to know the side characters.

In this novel we have Lila who starts out selling her wedding rings. Apparently her life has turned to crap in a big way. She lost her husband, her job and all her money. Without any other options, she moves back home to take time to figure things out. Plus her mother has been asking for help since her father died. Turns out her mother doesn't have any money either.

She kind of falls into starting a vintage clothing business with her mother, she's good at selling and her mother really knows fashion. She tries to start things up with her ex-boyfriend from high school, but find they are better friends. But what about this ex-military guy who is secretly great at sewing? Is there something there worth pursuing?

This right here is a perfect beach read. Not at all difficult and quite entertaining. Black Dog Bay would make an interesting TV show. Has anyone pitched this to Lifetime or Hallmark?

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