Friday, August 5, 2016

Book Review: Lamb

by: Bonnie Nadzam

Just so we're clear, I bought this one after finishing Lions. Bonnie truly is a talented writer. Lamb is about a guy whose life feels like it's spinning out of his control. His wife kicked him out, he might lose his job, his father dies...and he didn't exactly have a great childhood to begin with. You aren't going to like David Lamb, but God help us, you do feel some sympathy for him.

The girl is 11, and isn't having a great childhood either. In a hurry to grow up. She actually chooses to go with Lamb, whom she knows as Gary. And Gary tells himself this to make himself feel better. But let's be honest, she isn't in a position to make such a choice, that's why kids have parents, right?

It clearly isn't something he does on a regular basis, but when she came up to him...he couldn't resist the power she awarded him. He could get her to do anything he wanted.

Bonnie Nadzam does a great job of weaving in how inappropriate the whole thing is without being profane. Tommie - the girl - for her part, is just hungry for attention. I get that. But David/Gary...he is a master manipulator and he just grows more and more repugnant. I think the book's description got it just right, David is narcissistic, he's a good guy and none of the bad in his life is his fault.

This is incredibly fast paced, without any real downtime. It just keeps clipping along, and as I warned before, it is NOT a happy story, but it is captivating.

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