Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Harvest

Yesterday CW and I broke out of our Cabin Fever and took a trip to Papa's Pumpkin Patch.  I didn't expect there to be much going on, just wanted to walk the corn maze and get a pumpkin.  Weren't we suprised?  There were hay rides, a bouncy castle, all the regular stuff like the tractor bikes and play houses and the Gator Ride.

I bought CW the Kids Special which included a hayride, gator ride and a pumpkin and bought myself the hayride.  $10.50 for all that.  CW asked if I would go on the hayride with him and I had to reassure him.  He then ran off to play with trains, tractors, bouncing and more.

CW calls the gator ride a roller coaster.  It's a bunch of oil drums cut out to be little cars, all conected and attched to a gator tractor.  Someone drives it around the farm while the kids ride in the cars.  CW was the only one on the ride, so I got to sit in the back of the gator and watch his face through the ride.  He was so excited and happy.  That was a priceless moment.

More playtime while wating for the hayride.  Papa took us out with a group from CMU.  He showed us the strawberry fields where they have "you pick" and told us they will have raspberries next year...CW is already planning on it.  Then he stopped us out in the fields and we walked across a bridge to the pumpkin patch.  Granted it's late in the season and most of them are dead and rotting.  But I found a bug I'd never heard of and Papa told me it was a cucumber beetle.

The first pumpkin we found was teeming with them.  We did find 2 good pumpkins and CW found some cute little ones.  I chose a big one and Papa let CW have a small one.  Then we made our way back to the hayride.  CW was positive there were trolls under the bridge just like in Dora the Explorer.

After over 3 hours I called Chris and we decided to go out for Pizza.  Poor CW didn't want to leave, even though it was getting dark.  I had to promise we'd go back today.  But I don't think the weather will cooperate.  Oh well, time to carve that pumpkin! Registered & Protected

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