Thursday, November 12, 2009


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it's making everyone remember to be grateful for what they have in this life. Obviously it's something we should to remember more than once a year.

People get on this kick of wanting new stuff, and shopping all the time. Now with all the problems going on maybe we don't need to buy every single person we've ever met a Christmas present. Maybe we can focus on being with family. With this being such a special time of year that would be wonderful, especially for our children.

What are you doing for this holiday season? And what are you thankful for? Registered & Protected


  1. I am doing this holiday season the same thing I do every year. I buy for my husband, kids, sister, her girlfriend, parents and step-parents and my business partner (who's like a second mom).

    That's it. I set aside a budget on how much to spend on each person, and usually try to stay well under it.

    Then when it comes time to celebrate, one year we will go to my dad's on Christmas Eve and my mom's on Christmas day. The following year it changes. But always, Christmas morning is for the kids. So much so that my husband and I open our presents on Christmas eve after the kids have gone to bed.

    I want to spend Christmas morning watching them open their presents!

  2. That sounds balanced and reasonable. I'm talking about people who obviously spend more than they have, who go into debt for this one holiday.

  3. I've never understood that. Yeah, it's the holidays and we want to give our children all they ask for, but isn't keeping a roof over their heads and food in their mouth for the coming year just as important?

  4. More so I think. Fat lot of good that shiny new gadget will do them when you can't buy them milk.


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