Saturday, November 21, 2009

Early HeadStart and HeadStart

CW and I joined the 8-cap Early HeadStart program when I was pregnant with Ivan. We were accepted so fast because of my pregnancy, see Ivan was enrolled in utero. I was given lots of information for a safe pregnancy and they kept tabs on my doctor visits. CW was brought different toys to play with and Andrea also took us on lots of feild trips to parks, the pet store and so on.

Once CW turned 3 he was moved to HeadStart in months. Because of having been in the Early HeadStart, he was higher on the list. So there's a big bonus. He wasn't happy to go away to school, but we needed space. This year he has found his groove and loves all his new friends. I love the one on one time I get with Ivan.

Ivan has a new visitor as our Andrea moved on to a HeadStart classroom closer to her boyfriend. Now we have Kelly. Ivan loves her and regularly gets sad when she leaves. She brings toys and we've gone for a walk in the woods as a field trip during the nice weather we've had this fall. I hope we don't loser her to a new Early HeadStart center opening in Gratiot County.

I like the home visits, and the teachers do the added job of helping us get support when we have things happening. Adopt-A-Family, Thanksgiving baskets, Weatherization program, and even gas cards to get to doctor visits that take us out of town. So, I'm saying that this year I'm exteremly grateful to be a part of this organization by participating in the Parent Policy Council and I'm even more grateful to be a part of the programs with my boys. Registered & Protected


  1. Sounds like great programs. Very cool you guys are enjoying them. :)

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